Food allergies, sensitivities and food limitations

Cooking Round the World is committed to providing a fun, healthy and safe learning experience for children and others. We strive to do our best to accommodate a variety of special food needs and limitations.

Nuts: As of December 1, 2013, we are a completely nut-free program. No tree nuts or peanuts are used in any recipe.

Below is a list of food allergies that we CAN accommodate if you provide us with 2 weeks advance notice prior to the start date of the class or camp. This gives us time to modify recipes, contact teachers and ensure we can secure alternative ingredients, if needed.

  • Fruit: the specific fruit should be identified
  • Seafood: Some of our recipes have fish, fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc, Please let us know the specific seafood your child is allergic to
  • Legumes
  • Sesame seeds and sesame oil.

If your child is a vegetarian, we can usually accommodate these needs with 2 weeks advance notice.

If your child is sensitive to gluten and/or has celiac disease please contact us prior to registering for classes or camp to see if it’s possible to modify recipes for the classes. We may ask you to help pay for alternative ingredients.

If your child is sensitive to food preservatives, dyes, or food coloring, eggs or dairy we do NOT advise you to register your child for Cooking Round the World classes or camp.

If your child’s allergy is so severe that he/she can not be in the room or near others, touch utensils or cookware that may have come in contact with the allergen, we do not advise you to register your child for Cooking Round the World classes or camp. We are unable to take the necessary precautions to provide your child with the utmost safety. 

If you register for a class after the two-week advance notice requirement and your child has a food sensitivity or limitation, please contact us directly to see if we can accommodate your child’s needs. Mindy Myers: 510-593-5285. If you are unsure about any of the above, please call and check with us. We strive to make Cooking Round the World the best possible experience for your child! Thank you for your understanding.

Payment, Cancellations, Wait lists

  • Payment is required in full at the time of registration, no exceptions. You must register online. Your child is not registered until payment is received.
  • You have 1 month before first day of registered camp week for full refund. Cancellation two weeks prior to camp start date, half refund. Cancellation thereafter, no refund. Refunds are made to credit cards.

  • For afterschool classes, no refunds offered after the first class.

  • Should a camp or class be cancelled because of too few sign ups (less than 8), a full refund will be given. For camp, enrollment can roll over to another camp week.

  • Camp and class registration is on a first come/first served basis. Class size is limited to 16 children per week.

  • Since space is limited, you can request to be placed on a wait list and you will be notified should space become available.

  • Cooking Round the World half day camp ends at 1pm; full day camp ends at 4pm.

  • Early arrivals for camp, more than 10 minutes prior to the start of camp, will be charged the $15 pre-care fee.

  • Late pick ups for camp (more than 10 minutes) will be charged $25/child each late day. Payments are required at the time of pickup.

  1. Missed Days

Cooking Round the World cannot offer partial refunds for days of camp or classes missed due to illness or other unforeseen changes in plans. Discounts on future programs are not offered in exchange.

  1. Tuition Resale

If your plans change past the refund deadlines, you may arrange to have your child’s spot given to another child. Exchange of money for said tuition is a private transaction between families, and Cooking Round the World is in no way responsible for this transaction. Cooking Round the World will accept the exchange of one camp space Cooking Round the World must receive the following information for the superseding student by 5:00 PM the Thursday before camp: child’s name and age, parent’s name, parent’s email address, parent’s phone number, child’s allergy/health concerns, and the name of the original camper. If we do not receive the exchange information from both parties, Cooking Round the World may reject the superseding student from attending.

  1. Misplaced Belongings

Although Cooking Round the World’s staff members do their best to make sure all students’ personal belongings make it home with them after class, Cooking Round the World is not responsible for items that get left behind accidently. Please be sure to label all of your child’s belongings with their name ahead of time. Before Friday, misplaced items will be placed next to the sign-out form at the end of the day for collection. Items that are not claimed by the end-of-day Friday will be donated.

  1. Materials Fees

Some co-sponsored Cooking Round the World camp programs require a materials fee in addition to tuition. This fee covers the cost of each student’s apron, ingredients needed for recipes, paper plates and cutlery. Cooking Round the World asks that materials fees be paid via check (made out to Cooking Round the World) on the first day of camp. If the fee is not paid by the end of the second day, the student cannot return to camp the remainder of the week and tuition will not be refunded.

Liability Waiver

While Cooking Round the World takes the necessary health and safety precautions, culinary activities have inherent risks and hazards. Participation in classes could possibly result in injury or illness. Cooking Round the World and its teachers are not liable for losses or personal injury resulting from participation in cooking classes.

Photo Release

Please note that classes may be photographed. If you do not want your child’s picture published, please send an email to mindy@cookingroundtheworld.com indicating as such, otherwise registering hereby authorizes Cooking Round the World to use photos and videos in any promotional materials and social media.