Cooking Round the World
Campership/Scholarship Information


I. Scholarship Recipients for After School Classes

Afterschool Scholarship Recipients are selected by a school, not by Cooking Round the World. Cooking Round the World serves as a vendor for all afterschool programs. Afterschool Scholarship recipients must follow protocol as indicated by the individual school. The application process is a school procedure. Cooking Round the World limits the number of scholarship to 1 scholarship student per class. The financial award of the scholarship award is determined by the school. The selection of the scholarship student is determined by the school.
It is up to the scholarship awarded family to make sure the contact info, child's name and age, food allergies, and behavioral challenges information is sent to

II. Winter or Summer Campership Gifts

The criteria for selecting summer or winter camp campership recipients for Cooking Round the World is based on financial need and family/life circumstances. Please see application for details. Cooking Round the World is able to grant a half day camp week (9 – 1 pm) or contribute $325 towards a full day camp week (9 – 4 pm).

If a family requests a full day campership for week Dec. 31 to Jan. 4, the family is required to pay the additional $160 by check. If a family requests a full day campership for week Dec. 26 to Dec. 28, the family is required to pay the additional $105 by check. Checks must be made payable to Cooking Round the World, by Dec. 20, 2018. If the check is not received by Dec. 20, 2018, the campership will be nullified. If the family requires precare, there is an additional $75 due for the week Dec. 31 to Jan. 4 and an additional $45 due for week Dec. 26 to Dec 28."

Checks should be mailed to: Cooking Round the World, 6657 Gunn Drive, Oakland, CA 94611. The allocation of a campership is determined by a Cooking Round the World administrator, and is based on criteria indicated on the application. Only 1 campership is awarded per family.


A separate application is required for each child applying for a campership gift. Applications are reviewed every 2 weeks. Families are notified by email whether the campership was accepted. One campership week per camper is accepted. Families should not apply for more than 1 campership gift per child. Once a Campership scholarship is accepted, the week cannot be exchanged. Campership gifts are limited to one campership per camp week, per location. Families applying for a campership on a different week at a different location will not be honored. Incomplete applications will not be honored. If a specific camp week fills up, families will be notified that their second choice was honored. If both first and second week choices cannot be honored, Cooking Round the World will contact you to discuss other options.

Cooking Round the World is unable to award camperships to affiliate programs (i.e. a Parks and Recreation Program, YMCA, Community Center, or a partnership program). For winter 2018/2019, families may apply for camperships in Oakland, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, or Albany/Berkeley.

Click Here to fill out the Campership Gift Application.